Have you ever been left so bewildered by an experience in your life that you are driven to find an explanation?  Towards the end of my last relationship with a narcissistic psychopath, I sure was.  As I’ve come to find–and you will as well, is typical, I found myself in the midst of an incredibly emotionally, and unfortunately physically, abusive relationship taking full blame for its demise.  I had tried everything I could to salvage this toxic relationship, including jumping through every hoop he threw my way, and just couldn’t seem to regain that seemingly beautiful, perfect connection and infallible love I had thought we once shared.  One day I was googling “how to stop being so controlling in my relationship” and “how to trust him even though he lies and cheats” (yes, I was that warped in my head), and fortunately, I clicked on the right link, because it lead me to exploring narcissism.  It was like that light that had been nearly extinguished over time just flipped right back on.  It ALL made sense.  This journey is long, but ultimately necessary for my survival of self, and I invite one and all to come along.  I vow to BE NARC FREE from here on out, and to help as many others escape or avoid these dangerous and abusive relationships too.